Egypt’s Samcrete to launch new medical hub-Phase I by month-end

Egypt’s real estate company Samcrete Development is set to launch the first phase in its new medical hub by the end of the current year including 80 clinics with various areas according to the company  CEO Hisham El-Kheshen.

The company is currently developing a specialised medical centres on an area of 60,000 sqm within the Pyramids Heights project.

He added that the the company seeks to pump investments between 50-100 million Egyptian pounds in the project  during the current year.

Partnering with legendary architect Guielio Artieri, known for his global medical track record, and Dr. Hatem El Gabaly as the consultant of this project, Samcrete Development bids a strong triangle of assured success, ultimately shaping a world class healthcare project and making it available to the Egyptian market. The medical hub will be known as the most cutting-edge medical facility to date, offering top-notch quality medical support and exceptional services.

PYRAMED is designed in a leading futuristic healthcare manner. Offering clinics, hospitals, offices, standalone labs and medical facilities.