Egypt’s Tamarod Leader Tells Germany Hitler Was Elected Too

General coordinator of the Tamarod (Rebel) campaign Mahmoud Badr has said that he asked German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle in a meeting late on Wednesday to respect the Egyptian people’s will in removing President Mohamed Morsi.

“I told him that we have come to tell him a story of a dictator called Hitler who came with popular vote too, but then turned against democracy – why did you reject Hitler in Germany and want him to return to rule Egypt?” Badr said in a post on his Twitter account.

Badr added that he asked Westerwelle to clearly acknowledge the people’s will in order to maintain their respect, while the German minister denied allegations that he called for the reinstatement of Morsi.

The high-ranking German official arrived to Cairo on Wednesday for a three-day visit to meet officials and politicians.

Tamarod collected millions of petitions last month and organized mass demonstrations that led to the ouster of the Islamist president.

Source:Aswat Masriya