Egypt’s Telecom Minister Says Broadband Strategy to Offer within Days

Eng. Atef Helmy Egyptian Telecom Minister revealed that the Ministry is currently signing the final contracts with the Ministries that benefited from broadband strategy with EGP16.8 billion total cost for the first phase within 5 years.

Helmy has informed Amwal Al Ghad that the Ministry finalized all the conditions concerning the broadband strategy with EGP350 million cost, stressing that many ministries will make the best use of this project including education, health and transportation.

He  asserted that a pilot project includes 1062 schools, 896 youth centers, 340 hospitals in addition 57 scientific research centers, Investment budget for this project estimates EGP350 million which will be financed through the fund for NTRA from the total expected investments in order to achieve the targets of phase I which up EGP16.8 billion.

Eng. Hesham Alayli CEO of National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) revealed offering pilot project for broadband strategy by the end of the current month with total cost EGP350 million.

Alayli has previously informed Amwal Al Ghad that the delay is due to the multiplicity of strategies including ministries, governmental authorities such as Health and Education Ministries, noting that the last period delayed to offer the project as results of the Egyptian referendum.

He added that NTRA has conducted all its preparations, pointing out that funding for the pilot project will depend on the Universal Service Fund that affiliated to NTRA.