Egypt’s Telecom Regulator Calls Mobile Operators to Provide Incentives to Users

Eng. Hesham Alayli CEO of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has held a meeting including the leaderships of internet services providers and NTRA reviewed the goal of the meeting and the important points which are mentioned in the previous meeting.

Alayli called to set up future plan, suggesting to provide incentives for customers and free additional hours to encourage them for using internet, NTRA considers the possibility of providing internet services through satellite, especially in the areas where are suffering from the basics of internet services.

He also demanded from firms to present creative offers to meet with the youths’ needs in using internet.

It was agreed that the firms will study this proposal and how to implement it, in addition to replying NTRA with two weeks, and the meeting shall be in another time by early April.