Egypt’s Trade Minister partakes COMESA summit in Nairobi

Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry Amr Nassar, on behalf of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, led Egypt’s delegation to the Source 21 COMESA International Trade Fair and the third Kenya Week.

The event kicks off Wednesday till July 21 with the participation of the presidents of Kenya and Mauritius as well as the representatives of COMESA 21 member states and about 200 exhibitors.

A statement issued by the ministry quoted Nassar as saying that the COMESA summit will discuss issues related to the African economic blocs and how to reduce trade barricades and merge the small and medium enterprises in regional market chains along with promoting financial and digital inclusion.

It added that the summit will also discuss the future of industrialization in Africa and trade agreements in addition to how to provide qualified laborers to Africa labor markets.

The statement pointed out that a roundtable will be held on industry in Africa to discuss means of exporting African products and achieving integration among African markets.

Source: MENA