Egypt’s ‘Way to Global Markets’ conference starts today

The International Conference and Exhibition about “Quality and Organizational Excellence” kicked off Tuesday under the auspices of Egyptian Trade Minister Tarek Qabil.

The conference takes place on 12-13 April 2016 at Hilton Ramses Hotel under the title of ‘The Way to Global Markets’.

It aims to contribute to the upgrading of higher education quality, and give universities regenerative contemporary and innovative features, with an emphasis on the quality of universities and mechanisms for upgrading, and developing academic accreditation and to overcome the challenges of the application of total quality management concepts in higher education.

According to Sami El-Gendy, general secretary of the Conference and Chairman of New plant Foundation, the conference aims to disseminate and enrich the quality and organizational excellence and academic accreditation culture. In addition, it targets emphasizing the width of successful experiences and best national and international practices in quality and institutional excellence and academic accreditation in higher education institutions.