Elbaradei Authorised As Spokesman For Egypt’s Anti-Morsi 30 June Front

Egyptian prominent opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei has been authorised on Tuesday to speak on behalf of the anti-Morsi 30 June Front.

The recently-formed 30 June Front is a coordinating, political body made up of opposition political and revolutionary forces led by the Tamarod (Rebel) signature campaign to organise protests and spell out the protests’ political demands.

Former IAEA head and contender who pulled out of the presidential race, ElBaradei was chosen to avoid any fragmentation among the opposition, details the statement.

ElBaradei will also be mediating between state institutions and all political forces to draw a map for political transition.

“We reiterate our calls to Egyptian people to join the Tuesday ‘Determination’ marches that will head to Al-Qobba Palace, Shura Council (parliament), Cabinet, Tahrir Square and Ittihadiya Presidential Palace,” they urge in the statement, also insisting that they will remain in the streets until President Morsi leaves.

On Sunday, the Rebel campaign issued a statement giving President Mohamed Morsi until 5pm on Tuesday to step down, or the campaign would call on supporters to besiege both Ittihadiya and Qobba presidential palaces and engage in civil disobedience.

Notably, Egypt’s Armed Forces issued a statement on Monday giving political forces 48 hours to “fulfill the people’s demands,” or the military themselves would enact a “political roadmap” for the country.

Source : Reuters