Emirates NBD integrating Dubai Bank’s ATMs into its network

National Bank of Dubai announced that it has successfully completed the first phase of integrating Dubai Bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network into the Emirates NBD Group. The new single platform will enable Dubai Bank customers to access free of charge over 800 ATMs across the UAE, significantly enhancing convenience for all customers of the Emirates NBD Group.

In 2011, Emirates NBD completed the acquisition of Dubai Bank, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Emirates NBD Group.

Following the takeover, an Integration Committee was established to oversee the assimilation of Dubai Bank into the Group. Technology and interoperability have been a major focus area for the committee, and the integration of the Dubai Bank ATM network is the first major milestone to be reached in the ongoing integration programme. “Today’s announcement is very important and represents a significant milestone in the integration of Dubai Bank within Emirates NBD Group,” said Rick Pudner, Group CEO at Emirates NBD.

“Dubai Bank’s customers can now enjoy access to a hugely expanded ATM network, further enhancing the bank’s ability to meet the evolving needs of its retail customers. At the same time, customers of Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic Bank can benefit from free access to Dubai Bank’s conveniently located ATMs,” Ameinfo reported.

Dubai Bank currently operates 41 ATM machines across the country. With their integration into a network that encompasses the banks of Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic Bank, the resulting unified platform will now allow customers of all three banks to use an enlarged ATM network to access their accounts and carry out a wide range of banking and payment transactions.

In the coming months, Emirates NBD will complete the next phase of integration which will enable Dubai Bank customers to access payment options, such as utility bill payments, when using Emirates NBD ATMs, and vice versa.

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