EU sends poll observers to Egypt

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The European Union has sent 120 election observers to Egypt ahead of the country’s elections on May 26 and 27.The observers hailed from all 28 EU member states, as well as Canada and Norway and will be monitoring the lead up to polling and its immediate aftermath.

“We are here to observe the election and we will not interfere or supervise the process in any way. This is the election of the Egyptian people. We hope to contribute with our impartial and objective assessment of the election to the democratic transition in Egypt,” Mario David, Portugal’s representative at the EU Parliament said on Monday.

This the first EU election observation mission to Egypt, according to David.

A number of locally recruited short-term observers from diplomatic missions of EU member states in Egypt will also observe the election.

The EU signed a memorandum of understanding with the Egyptian government and the High election commission to guarantee freedom of movement of all EU members, as well as access to all polling stations, related sites and bodies, and all relevant information pertaining to the poll.

Source: APA