Amwal Al Ghad Publishes 5 Nominees For Egypt’s Sukuk Central Shariah Board

Exclusively, Amwal Al Ghad unveils the names of the 5 figures nominated to win the membership in Sukuk Central Shariah board, an affiliate to Egypt’s Ministry of Finance. The names are expected to be announced within few days.

Informed sources announced that the ministry of finance has addressed Abbas Abdullah Shoman, head of the Islamic Sharia Department at Al-Azhar University and head of the Sharia board of the United Bank, in order to become among Sukuk Central Shariah board members.

The Sources further revealed that the nomination also includes Dr. Hussein Hamed Hassan – Shura Council representative & Economical expert in Islamic finance; Dr. Nasr Farid Wasil, Egypt’s former top cleric and Shura Council representative.
It is worth noting that both Dr. Hassan & Dr.Wasil have contributed in drafting the Sukuk law as well as to making it come to the light.

Additionally, two further names are nominated to join the Sukuk Central Shariah board including active members of Al-Azhar Senior Scholars Authority;  Dr. Mohmed Rafaat and Dr. Abd El Fattah Al Sheikh.

The Sources pointed out that Sukuk’s unit in Ministry of Finance has nominated about 20 names specialized in shariah and Islamic finance, seeking to select 11 figures to represent Sukuk’s Central Shariah board. They also said within couple of days the nominees’ names will be sent to Minister of Finance before being reviewed by Al-Azhar Senior Scholars Authority. The final and reviewed list of the winning names shall be eventually submitted to the country’s Prime Minister so as to be eventually got ratified.