FJP and AL Nour: Ganzouri’s govt is about to quit

PA, led by FJP, gets ready to withdraw confidence from Ganzouri’s government; especially after his statement which refused by different political movements.

Dr. Fareed Ismail, member of FJP’s executive bureau and agent of defense and  national security committee, said that first step of withdrawing confidence will be during Sunday’s session, Marsh 11th. He said, in his statement to Ahram Gate, the parliament has the right to withdraw confidence; as its duties are legislation, censorship and ratifying the plan and budget. He added that the military junta, according to the constitutional declaration, has the right to form a new government.

Dr. Yousri Hamad, spokesman of Al Nour party, emphasized that in case of continuing of the govt bad performance, the party may reconsider its former decision; especially during this bad economic state that the country live and also the security state such as the increase of gangs and lax security.

He assured that the parliamentary blocs, FJP is on the top, will discuss in order to coordinate the situation and to have a united stance.