GASC purchases 60,000 T of Romanian wheat

Egypt has bought on Tuesday 60,000 tonnes of wheat from Romania, Russia and Argentina, within a tender organized by the General Authority for  Procurement (GASC) from Egypt, the entity for strategic wheat acquisitions for Egypt, says UkrAgroConsult.

The average price paid by GASC is USD 198/tonne, including transport and freight, a drop compared with the average price of USD 202.5/tonne that was paid at the previous tender.

Within the tender, GASC bought 120,000 tonnes of wheat from Argentina, 180,000 tonnes from Russia and 60,000 tonnes from Romania from the firm CerealCom Dolj for USD 200.64/tonne, including transport and freight. It will be delivered during January 20-31 2017.

Source: Business Review