Global climate goals hinges on China- German minister

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck stated on Sunday that China is crucial for reaching global climate goals and it must seek a safe alternative to coal, which provided almost 60 per cent of China’s electricity in 2023.

During his visit to China, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck noted that Chinese officials had informed him of the country’s increased coal production for energy security, a stance taken in light of the recent energy crises in Europe triggered by Russia’s war in Ukraine.
Habeck emphasised the necessity of cooperation with China for achieving global climate targets and acknowledged China’s significant CO2 emissions.

Speaking to reporters in Hangzhou, Habeck mentioned to students at Zhejiang University that integrating variable renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, into existing systems posed a challenge but was crucial for efficiency and sustainability.

The minister highlighted China’s significant renewable energy expansion, noting the installation of almost 350 gigawatts of new capacity in 2023, more than half of the global total.

He suggested that enhancing grid extension and energy storage could reduce reliance on conventional power plants and argued that economic growth and climate action are complementary, creating new opportunities for wealth and development.

Attribution: Reuters

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