GoDaddy to empower entrepreneurs’ digitalisation in Egypt, MENA

GoDaddy Inc. has announced its expansion into the MENA region, with a focus on Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

With over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs looking to start a business or digitalise their own, GoDaddy showcased how the company is leveraging its extensive knowledge with the Egyptian market, according to a press release.

GoDaddy will launch online training in partnership with Startups Without Borders (SWBs) to enhance entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills in the MENA region, in support of Egypt’s 2030 Vision to empower youth and implement digital transformation in all of the state’s sectors.

The collaboration with SWBs entails rolling out “Start and Grow Online with GoDaddy” training that aims to educate 500 entrepreneurs and small businesses owners from across the MENA region.

“GoDaddy is excited to grow in the MENA region, including in Egypt, as it enjoys a large youth population, making it an aspiring market for entrepreneurs with vast opportunities for digitalisation,” said Senior Regional Director for MENA Region, GoDaddy, Selina Bieber.

“According to our GoDaddy survey with Egyptian entrepreneurs, 60% of respondents said they intend to build a website, as they think it has proven crucial during the pandemic for reaching new customers and retaining current ones,” added Bieber.

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