GOgreen aims to build Egypt’s biggest livestock farm

Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture and GOgreen Company plan to establish the country’s biggest livestock farm in Moghra, El Alamein city.

The project will be one of the biggest livestock farms in Egypt ever as it will help boost the country’s production to 5,000 heads of fattening cattle per cycle, said Mona Mehrez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Animal Resources and Fisheries and Poultry, on Monday.

“Our target is to see the production of 50,000 heads of fattening cattle in five years, around 5,000 heads every six months …,” GOgreen’s chairman Hossam Abdel Qader said.

GOgreen owns one of the biggest cultivated areas of jojoba in the Middle East, planting 7 million trees so far over 12,000 feddans in Moghra.

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