Hassan Malek, Richard Banks Organize Euromoney 2012

Hassan Malek, Founder and Chairman of EBDA, Egyptian Business Development Association, and a number of businessmen, who are members in EBDA, will receive today Richard Banks, Regional Director, Euromoney Middle East, preparing for participation in the conference this year.
A group of the governmental spokesmen will participate in the conference. They are the ministers of finance, investment, and communication and Information Technology. The conference also will include a number of politicians that represent several parties, in addition to prominent financial experts as well investors.
Euromoney 2012 is the first conference in Egypt after 25 January Revolution. It aims at promoting the foreign investments, encouraging the foreign investors  and the international financial institutions  to invest in Egypt, besides granting it the developmental loans. Euromoney conference holds every two years between Egypt and London. This year it will be held in Cairo and inaugurated by Dr Hesham Kandil, PM, on October 9th.