HCCD on track to deliver 42 buildings in Egypt new capital

Egypt’s five construction firms, affiliated to the state-owned Holding Company for Construction and Development (HCCD), will deliver 42 residential buildings in the country’s new capital between next November and December.

The five firms are Moukhtar Ibrahim, Hassan Allam, Al-Abd, El Nasr Company for Building and Construction (EGYCO), Misr Concrete Development, HCCD’s chairman Mahmoud Hegazy told Amwal Al Ghad on Sunday.

“We are working on finishing works of the residential buildings in the new administrative capital,” Hegazy stated, saying HCCD has mandated these buildings to the five state-owned firms, at total cost of 400 million Egyptian pounds ($22.4 million).

The Egyptian official said Moukhtar Ibrahim, Hassan Allam, and EGYCO are responsible for executing 6,19, and 8 buildings, respectively in the new capital.

As for Al-Abd’s share in the new city, Hegazy referred that the company will carry out six residential buildings there, while Misr Concrete Development is set to establish three more.

The five contractors have been also assigned with a major share of utilities works worth 1.5 billion pounds at a bunch of residential districts and the governmental district in the new capital.