Henkel Egypt, Helm Foundation revive volunteer, persons with disabilities days

Henkel Egypt and with Helm Foundation have revived International Volunteer Day and International Day of Persons of determination for the third time in a row, with 200,000 Egyptian pounds ($12,465) .
The theme of this year’s celebration focused on empowering differently-abled persons while guaranteeing their inclusion and equal treatment in the society.
Accordingly, 50 of Henkel Egypt employees volunteered to assist Helm Foundation organisers to schedule an entertainment programme for this community day.
The community day programme endorsed awareness-raising activities for the daily challenges facing people of determination.
The educational yet entertaining schedule encompassed wheelchair challenge, white cane challenge, one hand challenge, sitting volleyball, art expression, Braille, and sign language encoding, in addition to a number of open discussions and motivational speeches that recite the success stories of such heroes.
In this regards, Head of Human Resources at Henkel Egypt, Ibrahim El Sherei, stated: “This isn’t our first collaboration with Helm Foundation, we’ve worked together over the years hand in hand honing the skills of differently-abled persons and optimizing their capabilities to ensure their proper inclusion in the society and shape a brighter future for them.”
El Sherei added: “In addition to our unceasing initiatives for securing their safety, Henkel’s sustainable strategies aimed at raising awareness of the physically healthy individuals on the challenges encountering such determined group and encourage their positive contribution in creating revolutionary solutions to overcome those challenges.”
Last year’s celebration, 30 of Henkel Egypt volunteers participated in painting ramps for people of determination, provided and distributed by Henkel in Cairo and Port Said. Such initiative aimed at subsidizing differently-abled persons, and secure their freedom of movement in public places.