Honda announces strategy for electric vehicles

Honda president, Toshihiro Mibe has announced on Wednesday developing two new models and a bigger electric vehicles (EVs) with a new platform in 2025.

The global movement towards curtailing carbon emissions has motivated traditional cars’ manufacturers to join the market of EVs. Demand has also increased on EVs, following a period of scepticism, in response to climate change concerns.

Honda’s new platform is named “E&E architecture,” which stands for “electric and electronic.” The name refers to “the software, connectivity and services that work while driving and are updated over time.”

Honda’s president also added that the Japanese cars manufacturer is working on creating solid-state batteries. The new batteries would replace lithium-ion batteries, which are mostly used in EVs currently.

Japan’s Honda has set for itself the goal of producing more than 2 million EVs a year by 2030. Additionally, it aims to have all its models around the world electric or fuel cell by 2040.

“We believe that the value society places on being kind to the environment will only build in momentum,” Mibe said.

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