HSBC Signs Agreement With Emirates For Innovative E-Letter Service

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited has entered into an agreement to provide over seven thousand employees of The Emirates Group access to an innovative e-Letter service. The online solution will enable easier processing of personal banking requirements.

The agreement was signed by Rick Crossman, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, United Arab Emirates, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, and Hussain Shaikh, Vice President – HR Employee Services, The Emirates Group.

The agreement will allow employees of The Emirates Group to electronically transmit salary certificates and salary transfer letters to HSBC.

This convenient new service will reduce the time taken to process applications for loans from the bank and allow greater efficiency in meeting the needs of customers.

Rick Crossman, said, “Delivering best-in-class customer experience is one of our key priorities at HSBC. We recognised that our large customer-base at Emirates required efficient and swift banking services and this innovative offering has been designed to meet these needs.”

“HSBC is delighted to provide the e-Letter solution, which has been developed to ensure security and convenience for our customers at Emirates. It will eliminate the need for obtaining physical salary certificates or salary transfer letters, while reducing the time and effort required in processing these applications,” added Crossman.

The new programme is available for employees of The Emirates Group that apply for a personal, auto or home loan from HSBC.

Hussain Shaikh, said, “This new offering is another step in providing our employees with access to convenient services that allow them to meet their banking needs in a short span of time. The e-banking solution will allow us to reduce the need for the thousands of bank related letters we issue every month. Our partnership with HSBC reflects our strategic initiative to ensure innovation in service delivery.”