Huawei replaces US banned parts in its products

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has replaced over 13,000 parts, which were sanctioned by the U.S., in its products over the past three years with Chinese substitutes, and redesigned 4,000 circuit boards, said founder, Ren Zhengfei, on Friday.

The replacements highlight the Chinese company’s efforts to return back to the U.S. market, after being hit with U.S. trade sanctions, which are have been imposed since 2019.

The U.S. restrictions on Huawei cut off Huawei’s supply of chips from U.S. companies and its access to U.S. technology tools to design its own chips, along with last year’s ban on selling new Huawei equipment in the US.

Huawei has invested $23.8 billion in research and development in 2022, and as the company’s profitability improves, it will increase its research and development spending, said Zhengfei.

The company has built its own enterprise resource planning system titled MetaERP, which will help run its core business functions like finance, supply chain and manufacturing operations when launched, Zhengfei added.

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