I never interfere with Egypt’s court system, Sisi tells judges

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi told judges on Saturday he respects the independence of the judiciary, stressing he “never interferes with the country’s justice system.”

The president made the remarks during a speech he delivered to senior judges at the High Judicial Court in downtown Cairo on Saturday to mark Egyptian Judiciary Day.

al-Sisi told judges he pins great faith in the unity of Egyptians in the face of local and international “evil efforts” against the state, a theme he has visited on more than one occasion recently.

The president said he believes that the independence of the judiciary is a main pillar of the constitution, reaffirming that he never interferes with the country’s justice system.

“Since taking responsibility, I’ve been keen to emphasise the independence of judiciary. Today, I affirm once again that I distance myself from any suspicion of influencing court rulings or interfering with its affairs.”

al-Sisi also stressed that the country’s national charter enshrines justice and equality, saying “everyone is equal before law.”

al-Sisi went on to say that personal rights in the constitution also entail responsibility.

“Each right enjoyed by citizens is balanced by an obligation from them towards the state.”

source: Ahram Online