IDEA Group unveils new expansion plan

IDEA Group for Management and Marketing Services announced on Saturday a new expansion plan to serve more than 15 real estate firms in Egypt.

The expansion plan aligns with Egypt’s development plan and the investment opportunities in addition to IDEA’s experiences.

“Our company succeeded to provide more than 15 real estate developer with integrated services of management and marketing besides our success to serve more than 50 brokerage firms.” said Ahmed Samy, chairman of IDEA Group.

Samy added that the company is about to expand its services and announce new cooperation with number of success partners.

Established in 2007, IDEA Group started its marketing advisory activities and then decided to expand its activities in 2017 to provide any real estate firm with the whole managerial services as they have all key departments that help any firm to organise and develop their work.

IDEA Group provides a variety of services including marketing plans, sales management, human resources management, and a complete management of operations and operations. The company qualifies a highly trained sales team for the largest real estate development companies.

Aya Kamal, director of the commercial department of IDEA Group, stated that the company has succeeded in managing several entities, starting with the establishment and formation of departments and hiring the teams of the company, to the consolidation of a strong and successful investment firm. It

IDEA Group has helped to establish companies since the first step, as the company has a wide range of qualified experts that enable it to transfer those experiences to new companies their human resources. At the same time, the group continues to add more skills, and hold training for its employees to keep pace with developments in the global and local real estate development industry.

To date, the group has provided integrated services to a number of massive real estate development companies, including Pyramids Real Estate Investments, Doja Real Estate Development Company, Dahab Urban Development Company, ERG Real Estate Development Company, and SV Real Estate Development Company. It also provided marketing services for more than 15 real estate development firms.

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