In November, Egypt Bourse Gains EGP17.8 billion

In November, Egypt bourse gained 17.8 billion Egyptian pounds. The country’s main stock index, EGX30 inched up by 2.11% during one month of trading to close at 9308 points.

For the mid- and small-cap index, the EGX70 soared by 5.04% to close at 641 points. The price index EGX100 also surged by 3.71% to conclude at the level of 1151 points.

Furthermore, market capitalization ended at EGP 522.027 billion by the end of November’s sessions, 4% up from EGP 504.234 billion by the end of last October’s sessions.

Turnovers & Market Summary

Throughout November, EGX’s traded volume reached around 4.76 million securities worth turnovers of around EGP 21 billion, exchanged through 607 thousand transactions. Noting that, through last September the traded volume had reached 3.391 million securities worth turnovers of around EGP 16.8 billion, exchanged through 539 thousand transactions.

Elsewhere, the traded volume for the EGX of SMEs – NILEX during November has amounted to 16.1 million securities worth EGP 38.3 million, exchanged through 6717 thousand transactions.

For EGX’s Over-The-Counter – OTC trading, the shares had seized 74.42% out of the total traded value; while traded value of the bonds represented around 25.58% in November.

Investors Activities:

Local investors led the market activity during November, seizing 83.11% of the total market; while non-Arab foreigners and Arabs acquired 10.55% and 6.34%, respectively of the total market, after excluding the deals.

Excluding the deals, the non-Arab foreigners were net buyers in November, with a net equity of EGP 687.48 million. Arabs were also to buy, with a net equity of EGP 262.44 million, after excluding the deals.

Also in November, institutions had seized 46.72% of the EGX’s transactions; while individuals had 53.28%.

Institutions were net buyers, with a net equity of EGP 516.73 million through June, after excluding the deals.

Trading on Bonds

In November, the volume of trading on bonds recorded around 4.938 thousand worth turnovers of around EGP 5.154 million.