“Interpol” asks Egypt to track “Money Laundering” companies

The Egyptian security authorities received on Thursday an investigative memorandum from the International Police administration “Interpol” about 21 multinational companies operating in Egypt, which are suspected of being involved in money laundering.

The Interpol’s investigations results were also attached within the memorandum, as they were conducted in the countries that the  suspected companies relate to, thus the purpose behind this memorandum is completing the legal and police procedures regarding these companies.

The memo includes a list of suspected companies and their branches abroad as well as their financial transactions during the last year in the American and European banks, beside the names of foreign employees reluctant to Egypt, who are suspected of money laundering operations, and their movements over the last year and their financial transactions in the American and European banks, as sources told the Arab news network Almoheet.

The Interpol’s administration asked the Egyptian authorities to complete the legal procedures of the search and do investigations about the foreigners and Egyptians whose names were mentioned in the memo, besides their transactions in the Egyptian banks and the workers’ dealings with them, so as to complete the foreign investigations that assist in proving the charges on the mentioned companies to stop money laundering operations, which increased over the past five years.

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