Iraq Crude Exports Hit 2-Decade Record In April

Iraq’s Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad says the country has boosted its crude exports in April to an average of 2.51 million barrels a day, the highest monthly figure in more than two decades.

“Our goal is to export 2.6 million barrels per day, and we are about to reach this point,” Jihad told AFP on Tuesday.

Iraq’s oil sales in April generated USD 8.8 billion in revenue in comparison with USD 8.47 billion in the previous month, he added. 

Last month, Iraq exported an average of 2.508 million barrels of crude per day, amounting to 75.25 million barrels over the course of April. 

The Middle Eastern country exported 71.827 million barrels of oil in March, at an average daily rate of 2.317 million bpd. 

Jihad attributed the 8-percent rise in the country’s oil exports to the inauguration of two new oil platforms in the Persian Gulf since February.

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