Islamist Coalition Calls Supporters to Prepare for New Uprising

The “National Alliance to Support Legitimacy and Oppose the Coup” has asked its supporters to continue to rally in the streets in preparation for what it described as an uprising on July 3.

President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted last year on July 3 in response to mass demonstrations against his rule. His supporters have declared his removal a “coup against legitimacy”.

The alliance accused newly elected President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led the army when it ousted Sisi, of squandering public funds.

“New money, that belong to the poor, to secure him [Sisi] with guards and planes in the show of militarizing bicycles,” said a statement by the Islamist coalition that supports Morsi on Saturday.

Sisi, who was sworn into office last Sunday, has recently appeared riding a bicycle to entourage Egyptians to save fuel to reduce the state’s burden of subsidies.

Source:Aswat Masriya