Israel breaks into Al-Aqsa Mosque

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Israeli forces broke this morning into Al-Aqsa Mosque, from the direction of dung gate which is occupied by the Israeli forces, with a number of settlers.

Maher Kesy, the head of Al-Aqsa Mosque’s guard, said that “the settlers attempt to pray and practice their Jewish rituals in Al-Aqsa’s courtyard under the guard of the Israeli forces”.

He mentioned that a number of prayers most of them are women and old ages stay southern of Al-Aqsa Mosque for protecting it from desecration.

Kesy explained that incursion had done by 3 groups included the settlers and the Israeli army. They start to break into Al-Aqsa Mosque this morning, Wednesday; this after the Israeli incursion into Al-Aqsa Mosque has mounted the previous days.

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