ISX Index wraps up week by 0.2% Increase

The Iraqi Stock Exchange index increased by 0.2% to close at 122.7 points as rates of shares of 26 out of a total 51 companies were up during Thursday’s session of trading worth 1.834 billion Iraqi dinars (roughly $1.6 million). About one billion shares exchanged hands through 607 trading deals in the session that saw rates of shares of 26 companies up, 10 down and 15 keeping their previous levels.

Foreign investors concluded 38 purchase deals worth 99 million dinars over the banking, service, and industrial sectors and 17 sale deals worth 50 million dinars over the service, banking and hotel sectors, according to the bulletin received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Banking took the lead by obtaining the highest volume of trading, 61%, through 346 deals worth 1.133 billion dinars over 17 firms, followed by the industrial sector with 15% through 103 deals worth 267 million dinars over 13 firms and the agriculture sector with 14% through 64 deals worth 255 million dinars over 5 companies.

Trading was frail over the sectors of agriculture, insurance, investment and service.

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