Egypt offers 82 Feddans to build EGP500 million Trade Zone in Gharbia – ITDA

Egypt will present on Friday around 82 feddans to establish a trade zone in Gharbia governorate, the country’s Internal Trade Development Authority (ITDA) stated.

According to ITDA’s Vice President Yasser Abbas, the trade zone will be with total investments worth 500 million Egyptian pounds (US$65.5 million).

Abbas added that the launch of 82 feddans is a first step within the authority’s plan to inaugurate the second generation of commercial developers to establish logistic zones in all governorates. He refers to plans to establish a logistic service zone in Gharbia.

The vice president further added that the authority agreed with the governorates to provide variable space lands in all governorates to build retail outlets to sell the different food and non-food commodities at affordable prices to meet the citizens’ needs, notably of low-income classes.