Jordan increased trading with “Arab Spring” states in 2011

Trading between Jordan and Arab spring states increased in 2011 by 2% comparing it with 2010 trade volume.

Foreign trade data – issued by the Department of General Statistics of Jordan – estimated today “Thursday” that the volume of trading between Jordan and the Arab states that witnessed revolutions and public protests “Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen, and Libya,” of about 1140 one million Dinar last year compared to 1118 million dinars in , 2010.

Data showed the diminishing of Jordan total exports to Arab spring states during 2011 with 9% comparing with last year’s number, as the value of 2011 exports was 310.6 million Dinars while it was 340.8 million dinars in 2010; however the total imports from Arab spring states increased by 6.7% as it reached 829.5 million dinars comparing with 2010 number that was 777.6 million dinars.

Data also mentioned that Jordan exports to Arab spring states has recorded a decrease except for Syria that recorded an increase of 9%, while Jordan imports from Syria, Tunisia, and Libya decreased but also increased from Yemen with 9.7% and Egypt with 9.1%.

The data estimated Jordan exports to Egypt on 2011 with 80.3 Million dinars, while this number was 87.8 million dinars on 2010.

To be mentioned that US dollar equals 0.789 Jordan dinars.