Juhayna Wins Appeal against its Chairman’s 1-year Sentence

A Cairo court has cleared on Tuesday the Chairman of Juhayna Food Industries from charges of selling products that expired and do not meet set standards.

The Egypt-based leading dairy and juice maker Juhayna Food Industries (JUFO.CA) announced that the court dropped the one-year sentence made against its chairman Eng. Safwan Thabet.

This comes after the Egyptian firm decided to appeal on Tuesday against a court sentence taken in absentia against its chairman last Thursday.

Juhayna further noted that a milk sample at the heart of the case taken by the government “was found suitable for consumption, (but) a report of violation was filed concerning the data on the package label, as a result of contradictory ministerial decisions.”

“The report of violation does not imply quality violations of any kind,” the company said, adding it had taken all legal actions to appeal the sentence.

Last Thursday, Thabet, was given a one-year sentence in absentia in addition to a fine of EGP 10.000 ($1400) for producing products that do not meet market standards.