Jumia to Activate Joint Cooperation with Mobinil by November

Jumia.com is planning to activate its partnership with the Egyptian Company for Mobile Services(Mobinil)-(EMOB.CA) by the next of November in order to start joint exchange of the products throughout the branches of Mobinil, and to sell the exclusive products through Jumia.

Jeremy Doutta, one of the co-founders and managing directors of Jumia, said the partnership with Mobinil  will allow for Jumia to spread wider due to its modernity in the Egyptian market pointing out that similar partnerships supports emerging companies to form a larger customer base, especially with the proliferation of Mobinil’s customers and market share in Egypt.

Doutta has emphasized that the company has contracted exclusively with Mobinil to start joint cooperation by offering exclusive products on the website to Mobinil and allocating special products for the customers of Mobinil star, asserting that Jumia rejected to cooperate with Etisalat Egypt after it has contracted with Mobinil.

Doutta has pointed out that Jumia offered specific-application for his company on Android Smartphones, through choosing from among 30 K products and to access marketing via internet, noting that Jumia will make 10% discount on fashion products.

He further said the rates of browsing the website through Smartphones reached 10%. An official report which issued by the Telecom Ministry said the number of mobile phone users increased around 2 million in Egypt at the end of last June, so the total number of mobile phone subscribers became about 96.77 million.

The telecom indexes affirmed that the number of Mobinil subscribers increased to add 314 K within June, so the total number of subscribers are 33.45 million with 34.57% market share.