KSA eases lending conditions for single women

Unmarried Saudi women who have not reached 40 years of age could obtain loans from the Real Estate Development Fund.

Yousuf bin Abdullah Al-Zughaibi -Director General of engineering affairs in the fund- said that Saudi women who had not reached 40 years and were unmarried could benefit from the loans being extended by the fund to Saudi citizens to build their own houses. “A woman beneficiary should prove that she is the sole family provider and that her father did not have a loan from the fund before,” he said.

Al-Zughaibi said a married woman who is the main provider of her family is also entitled to a loan from the fund if her husband was not given a loan before, as Arab news stated.

He said the documents required to prove that the woman is the sole provider are a medical report about the health condition of the father or the husband and a dependency deed from the court.

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