Libya targets Investors to rebuild Cities at May Conference in Egypt

Libya is planning to offer investors projects to rebuild cities under the control of the government during an economic conference in Egypt scheduled in May, Prime Minister Abdullah Thinni told Sputnik.

“During the economic conference in Egypt next month, a call for investors will be made on rebuilding [cities] in the region under the control of the legitimate government,” Thinni said on the eve of his official visit to Russia on April 14.

Thinni said that the reconstruction of buildings could begin in the country’s east and priorities should be schools and universities, and especially the University of Benghazi, which would most likely need to be leveled.

The prime minister said Russian investors and companies would be offered an opportunity to come to Libya and see the sites for themselves, which should show them that Libya is a safe and stable country.

“We need a number of companies, including those specializing in construction, security – to protect all airports and sea ports, as well as firms that can help restore the infrastructure in the country,” Thinni said.

Thinni is expected in Moscow on April 14 to discuss a number of security and economic issues, and ways Russia can assist in the process.

On March 13, Libyan Army General Khalifa Haftar told Sputnik that the delegation visiting Russia would discuss arms deliveries to the country.

Turmoil in Libya increased after the overthrow of long-standing leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 amid anti-government protests, with government forces trying to fend off different militias.

The internationally recognized government of Libya in the city of Tobruk, the Council of Deputies, faces opposition from the self-proclaimed General National Congress in capital Tripoli.

Source: Sputnik News