LINKdotNET Egypt: No Wireless Network Provided Around Presidential Palace

LINKdotNET, the internet services provider  has denied connecting any wireless network around Heliopolis Presidential Palace today.

Waseem Arsany, CEO of LINKdotNET, said the company did not connect the internet services in the streets around Heliopolis Presidential Palace as what was said on many social networking sites, pointing out that the license obtaining by LINKdotNET prohibits the connecting of services in open places.

Arsany added to Amwal Al Ghad that his company was surprised by the information circulating on some sites, stressing that the granted licenses for the company allows for it to connect high-speed wireless  internet services in the enclosed places such as cafes and hotels.

It was circulated on some sites that LINK has set up Wi-Fi network around the Presidential Palace which called ‘accesspoint80’, despite the company has not announced its existence on any of the official channels.