Mahdey Akef hopes MB lose the Presidential Elections

Mohamed Mahedy Akef, the former general guide of MB, said that he swears God that the Muslim Brotherhood not to win the elections; referring that it will be heavy burden.

Commenting on eliminating the 10 candidates by the Higher Presidential Election Commission, he said he expects everything and respects the judges’ decisions even at some time it doesn’t perfectly perform.

The MB’s leaders had a vision so they nominated Dr Mohamed Morsy, FJP’s chairman, as a precautionary measure; fearing of eliminating Eng. Khairat al-Shater, the former guide added. He said he didn’t agree on the group’s decision to endorse a presidential candidate, but the MB’s shura council agreed on electing a candidate.

During his interview with “90 Minutes (Teseen Dekeka)” program yesterday, he explained that 80% of the revolution’s aims had achieved and the rest will be achieved by electing a president as well purging the state’s institutions.

Akef elaborated that both of the government and the military junta don’t respond to the People’s Assembly even it is the real elected authority; advising them to cooperate with the PA for Egypt.

He mentioned that the Group and the party are one entity, not separated; referring that the decisive decisions made in an agreement between the Group and the Party.

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