Malaria Has Been Controlled in Aswan: Health Minister

Egypt’s health minister said on Sunday during a visit to a malaria-stricken village in Aswan governorate that the disease has been controlled in the contaminated areas, state news agency MENA reported.

On Friday, Egypt’s health ministry announced that 11 people had tested positive in Al-Adwa village in Aswan, Upper Egypt.

The numbers have since increased to 13, according to Health Minister Adel Adawy, who denied rumours of further cases.

Adway said the ministry has begun a number of preventive measures to stop the spread of the disease, such as taking blood samples from 901 individuals in areas where the disease was first reported.

The infected have been isolated and given the necessary medical treatment. Two patients have been discharged after successful treatment.

Adawy also said that 11 medical teams have been dispatched to monitor the situation and take more blood samples from the village’s inhabitants.

Meanwhile, a reporter from Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website visited Al-Adwa village on Sunday and attributed the spread of the disease to swamps, ponds, a lack of a sewage system and neglect from officials.

Source: MENA & Ahram Online