MB Divides Egyptians With Fascism: George Ishaq

George Ishaq, a prominent coptic activist and former leader of Kefaya Movement, has affirmed that youth revolutionists are ready to deal with all the transgressions of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) after it assumed power in Egypt, through peaceful demonstrations against the criminal acts of the fascist regime.

During his address at ‘Down with fascism’ Conference held at leadership and Management Development Center, Ishaq said what is happening in the Egyptian political street is a crime as MBs divided the nation with practices that make them lose their legitimacy.

Moreover, he added that we are now at a chaos phase that the entire country Egypt will pay for it, if the ruling regime don’t awake from this “deep sleep”, which will drive everything and everybody to the hell.

He demands investigating the incidents that led to the killing of citizens in port said and other places by the members of MBs without shame.