Mohamed Morsi: Egypt’s Transitional Period Needs Mixed System

The presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi, the chairman of FJP, said the transitional period in Egypt needs a mixed system combines the president’s powers and both of authorities of the legislative and executive councils. He added that the parliamentary system is the most appropriate for implementation in Egypt after stability.

He emphasized on the achieving equity in the investment chances among different-aged investors in the field of productive economy. Morsi referred to the necessity of cooperation between parliament and the executive authority as well as sectors of trade union, such as Federation of Industry, the commercial chambers and others to serve the industrial sector.

Eng Khairt Al Shater, the MB’s deputy general guide, for his side, assured on the necessity of the political will and a political system elected by the people in order to serve the state’s private sectors and to achieve the independence of judiciary as well the security as a basic condition for building Egypt and attracting investors to build the economic renaissance.

This was during the conference held today in Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI). Attended the coference Galal Al Zorba, the chairman of FEI; Mohamed Al Swedi, the board’s deputy; Khairat Al-Shater, MB’s deputy general guide; and a number of Union of Commercial Chambers’ members, banks, tourism sector, construction sector, exporting councils and investors assembly.

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