Egypt organises UNICEF mission meeting on child online protection

Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology hosted on Wednesday the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Expert Mission Meeting on Child Online Protection (COP).

UNICEF presented a report from different countries in the region concerning the status of COP, which is the main objective for holding the meeting. This report would help in framing next steps in COP work. The Egyptian ministry (MCIT) was keen to provide the Expert Mission with accurate information concerning this matter.

Three meetings were held with stakeholders. The first meeting gathered government entities and experts. The second one was a special convening of the National Committee for Child Online Protection (COP) and the experts. The third was held to gather representatives from the private sector and the experts and will be attended by COP core team.

MCIT continuously participates in the activities of child online protection, and keeps up with latest international developments in this regard. It participated in all COP meetings, held in Cairo over the past few months—organised by UNICEF and a number of other international bodies—in order to take part in the COP report prepared by UNICEF.

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