Michelle Obama talks about weight of representing her community

During a recently launched podcast, former first lady Michelle Obama opened up about what it meant to be the first black first family in the history of the United States, reported by CNN on Tuesday.

“One small misstep isn’t just a misstep for you, but it’s a misstep for your family, for your community, for your race, for all of humanity because we don’t often get a second chance,” Mrs Obama summed it up.

Michelle spoke of how she and her family had to live under the heavy weight of representing their community, adding “they carried a burden of making sure they weren’t messy, because… it would have been some bigger statement about the soul of Black folks.”

The first lady’s comments, came during a recently launched podcast. They are seen to resonate with the African American households teaching; that Black people must be twice as good as their White counterparts.

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