Minister: Egypt’s Participation in Davos gives True Image on Egypt’s Economy

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Egypt’s participation in Davos World Economic Forum with a high-level delegation led by President Abdul Fattah Al Sisi gives a message on the progress Egypt has made in attaining economic, social, and political progress, said Finance Minister Hany Kadry in a statement on the sidelines of the economic forum.

He said the main supporter of the political transition in Egypt is the Egyptian people who are looking forward to a better future.

He noted that President Sisi’s speech focused on Egypt’s future and steps that have been taken at the economic and social levels.

He said the president shed the light on Egypt’s role in the region especially with regard to achieving stability and peace between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

He added that the aim of participating in these economic forums is to convey a true image to the international community on Egypt’s economy and help restore confidence in our economy.

Source: MENA