Mobile Phone Market Losses 700,000 Subscribers In Jan

Mobile Phone Market has witnessed within the last January a decline in a number of subscribers about  as about 700,000 subscribers according to the Information and Communication Technology Ministry’s  (MCIT) statistics.

MCIT’s indicators have emphasized that there are a decline in the number of Vodafone’s subscribers as about 296,000 subscribers compared with December 2012 to seize 41% of the local market ranked first as the most operator acquires a large number of subscribers.

Moreover, MCIT’s indicators have affirmed that there is a decline in a Mobinil’s subscribers to loss 238,000 subscribers within January as the total of its subscribers reached 33.5 million subscribers so it ranked second in mobile market with share up 35% of the total mobile phone market in Egypt during the first month of this year.

Etisalat Egypt has lost about 150,000 subscribers in January and it ranked third in the market with 24% from the total market, a report explains that the number of mobile subscribers via Etisalat reached about 23.1 million subscribers.

Current Market Share

Monthly Rate of Change

Previous Subscribers

Current Subscribers

The Company

41%  of the total market

Loss 296,000

39.7 Million

39.58 Million


35% of the total market

Loss 238,000

33.7 Million

33.5 Million


24% of the total market

Loss 150,000

23.27 Million

23.1 Million


Loss 700,000

96.7 Million

96.1 Million

Total Current Subscribers