Mobile Prevalence Rate Reaches 112% in Egypt

Number of mobile subscribers in Egypt has reached about 91.3 million subscribers by the end of last January, as the service prevalence rate recorded 112.3% among the Egyptian citizens, according to the report of Ministry of communications and information technology.

Report clarified that internet users in Egypt recorded an increase of 1.8% comparing with December’s figures, as the users’ number reached 29.5 million user, by the end of last January, and the total percentage of internet users in Egypt 36.3%, and the report mentioned that the figure of internet subscribers from houses has reached 38%, with an annual growth rate of 5.26%.

Report added that percentage of Broadband subscribers through mobile phones reached 86.8%, while subscribers through USB Modems reached 2.7%, and mobile internet subscribes’ percentage reached 36%.

The fixed line –land line- subscribers decreases by 11.9% as the recorded figure became 8.49 million user, as these number is divided in 87% from houses, 10% for commercial sector, and 3% for governmental sector, as the total prevalence rate did not exceed 10.6%, as the ministry’s report stated.

To be mentioned that the companies operating in information technology sector; reached 4490 company including 213.72 employees, and their total capital reached 45.41 billion EGP, with a growth rate of 1.20% annually.

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