Mobily Links More Than 150 Govt Institutions With FTTB

Bayanat Al Oula, Mobily’s subsidiary, has recently linked more than 150 governmental institutions with fiber optics network FTTB, moving toward smart government.

This advance technology eases and facilitate the work of ministries of labor, education, housing, petroleum and mineral resources, culture and information, water and electricity, in addition to department of Zakat and income tax, national anti-corruption commission, and principalities of Makkah, Madinah and Eastern Province.

Mobily’s Chief Operations Officer Nasser Al Nasser said: “Fiber optics networks are crucial to have reliable infrastructures the governmental institutions can rely on to achieve growth and to turn all government work to electronic as the advanced technologies such as fiber optics will contribute to facilitate to get the work done in a flexible way.” Mobily is currently working on linking many government agencies with FTTB networks according to technical plan that considered the speed of delivery and service quality, he added.

The fiber-optic networks are the current global developed model for communications networks. In addition to their enormous capacity to transmit large amounts of data at high speeds easily and conveniently, their power consumption is less which makes them eco-friendly contributing to reducing the financial costs resulted from the energy consumption.

Mobily’s infrastructures have drawn attention of many government and private institutions, for its rapid development that enables those institutions to increase their efficiency with eco-friendly paperless work. Further, the company is aiming at covering more than one million sites with FTTH networks by the end of 2014.

Saudi Gazette