Mobinil Denies Influence In TE’s Management Structure

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Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil) – (EMOB), owned by Orange Group stated that all information mentioning its name in Al Shourouk Newspaper issued on 7/7/2015 under the article “Destroying TE or Developing it?” is totally untrue.

Mobinil CEO was astonished to see that his Company name is mentioned in the context of a dispute in which his company has no interests; for this purpose, Mr. Gauthier stated:

“Neither Mobinil Nor Orange Group has never, nor will ever, interfere or influence in any way whatsoever any decision relating to the Management structure of TE”

He added, TE has always been a strategic infrastructure supplier to Mobinil and the value of trading between the two companies exceeds 1B EGP paid annually by Mobinil to TE for the services TE provides, and thus, Mobinil has always, and will continue to have good working relationship with TE irrespective of its management structure.

He pointed out that, it is well known to all market players that profit margins are much better in the wholesale end (what TE provides to our company) than profit margin in retail end (what our company provides its customers) and we stress that if retail prices is to be regulated, then wholesale prices shall be equally regulated so that ISPs are able to exist and compete in the market with the TE owned ISP (TE Data), such competition is important for customers to find variety and quality of the services they receive.

Mobinil CEO further confirms that the discussions taking place between his excellency the Egyptian PM and the Orange representatives did not involve nor include any matter that relates to TE.

The CEO requests the newspaper and its management to properly investigate the information they provide their readers or at least cross check such news with the relevant people before it is published.”