Mubarak’s Cousin Runs For Presidency

A cousin and namesake of the deposed Egyptian president has registered to run in the country’s upcoming presidential elections. 

General Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, who has the same name as the ousted president, was quoted by Egyptian media telling his supporters that he supported the January 25 revolution that ousted his cousin.

Some Egyptian activists said it would be difficult to overcome his name and focus on his political program.

“He will fail miserably because of his name,” said Samir, an Egyptian journalist and activist.

“If he failed in the military because of his name, as he claimed, how can he succeed in politics?” Samir asked.

“I don’t think it was wise for him to enter the race, even if he was supporting the revolution because his name will bring back sadness and anger,” quoted another activist as saying.

General Mubarak said pledged “never follow in the heels” of his cousin, who is being tried over the killing of January 25 protesters.

According to Egypt’s Al Ahram Online Mubarak’s relations with many of his relatives are understood to have been severed years ago.

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