Moroccan business mission to visit Egypt on April 25

A Moroccan delegation encompassing large firms is set to visit Egypt on April 25, 2016 for a three-day visit to discuss means of enhancing mutual trade between the two states.

Head of Foreign Trade Agreements Sector at the Ministry of Industry, Saeed Abdallah said Sunday that the mission will visit a number of factories to showcase investment opportunities available in Egypt.

The mission will include a number of firms working in automotive sector in order to obtain benefits from Agadir agreement’s privilege notably those related to exempting Moroccan autos from custom fees.

Agadir Agreement is a free trade agreement signed between Egypt, aiming to facilitate integration between Arab states and the EU under the broader EU-Mediterranean process.

It was launched in May 2001 and signed in Rabat in February 2004 and came into force in March 2007.