Moroccan Hackers Hack Website of Egypt’s Al Azhar

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A group of Moroccan hackers reportedly hacked the official website of Egypt’s Al Azhar University in response to the University questioning Morocco’s celebration of Eid al Adha.

A group called Kuwat Radea Maghribia, or Moroccan Forces of Deterrence conducted the hacking. It came as a reaction to a Fatwa issued over the weekend by al Azhar scholars questioning the validity of the Eid Al Adha holiday in Morocco.

The group left a message on the hacked page calling on Egyptians to address the problems facing their country.

A message posted by the hackers says: “Wasn’t it useful for you and your people to address the problem of the bloodbath, murder, poverty, the number of hungry citizen in country, sexual harassment, and killing of souls by your putschist leader?

But the hacking of the website did not last more than an hour, as the University’s’ engineers managed to bring it up.

Source: Morocco World News